“Now you know what they’re really talking about when you hear that word DEVOLUTION”

EU Map 2

New EU map of Britain that makes Kent part of France

More ToriSprecht?

“How many people know about this…

After the EU abolishes our 48 counties your address will change from 4 High St, Taunton, Somerset, Great Britain, to 4 High St, Taunton, Area K, European Union. (The glorious EU county “The South West Region” has had the postal address “Area K” assigned for over a decade.)
EU Document 501 PC0083 “sets up the nomenclature of statistical units as a single, coherent system for dividing up the EU’s territory…” All twelve EU regions in the UK are classified by the letters ‘UK’ plus a further letter to identify the individual region, thus:

(Here’s one tptb made earlier.)

North Eastern (UKC)
North West (UKD)
Yorks & Humberside (UKE)
East Midlands (UKF)
West Midlands (UKG)
East (UKI)
London (UKI)
South East (UKJ)
South West (UKK)
Wales (UKL)
Scotland (UKM)
Northern Ireland (UKN)

EU Map

EU ‘Well-Being’ MapSource – publications.jrc.ec.europa.eu/

The ‘devolution’ process which saw Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland setting up their own parliaments was, in reality, merely the EU’s usual way of giving with one hand while taking away with the other. The landmasses of Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as the Irish Republic, are already established regions of the European Union, now increasingly ruled directly from Brussels.

Please copy and share with everyone you know. The ‘business’ aspect of the EU is not waking up the sheep, horrible changes to our lives might have more impact. The above is just one of MANY.

Now you know what they’re talking about when you hear that horrid word DEVOLUTION.”

23 April 2008



Right class there’s the bell.  Clarence.  Yes?  Hand out the homework sheets please.  Scrape Scrape.  And Julian that was a nice map.  Good morning.

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