Cameron drops plans to hold vote on airstrikes on Isis in Syria as he fears defeat in face of likely Tory rebellion

“Downing Street has decided that RAF involvement in coalition airstrikes against Isis targets should not be extended from Iraq. There are fears that the prime minister would be weakened on the world stage by a second parliamentary defeat over military action in Syria.”  Weakened?  How can that be?  His upper body is all flacid flesh already.  He has never looked one bit masculine.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he was caught trying on Sam’s dresses.

GR Comment: “Cameron’s decision can be summed up in this picture:”  Giggle.

GR Comment:  “So, if I understand this correctly UK defence policy is to bomb anybody we disagree with back to the stone age and then deal with the survivors as would be migrants. Then there’s the question of international law. Oh, and as a last thought morality.”

GR Comment:  “Looking up on google each strike costs between £1.5 & £2 million to us and a lot of misery to the innocent victims on the ground. That is a lot of money if there are 50+ strikes a day.  This money could be used by the NHS and to assist our young to be educated – how about it Dave & George?”

GW:  The ToriCons are getting more of a taste of being a bit of a lame duck outfit?  That Tori 12 MP majority and those 71 marginals initially lauded as a ‘great victory’ is suddenly looking a bit febrile.  Meanwhile, Osborne debates himself at Huff Puff .  Quite funny.

GR Comment: “Of course Osborne won’t ‘stand firm.’ Not from any sense of justice or compassion, however. He’s as much of a coward as the spineless Cameron, and the most important thing in his mean, egotistical little world is his candidature for the leadership. He won’t want to lose the backing of MPs.

The only decision left to make is how this u-turn will be spun.”

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