UK economy ranked below Zimbabwe by World Economic Forum – thanks Cameron

Fire up the Quattro Gideon

“Fire up the Quattro Gideon” – Thanks to Scriptonite Daily

“While UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his chancellor George Osborne claim their austerity policies are making the UK economy stronger, a devastating report by the World Economic Forum argues otherwise. In fact, parts of the UK economy are now performing worse than Haiti and Zimbabwe.2

Comment:  “Austerity; solving the problem of a hole in the roof by removing the roof, and not noticing that there’s now a hole up there forty times larger.”

David Cameron says not enough is being done to tackle tax evasion

Dher that’s how you daddie made his money isn’t it?

GR Comment:  “Sound bites from Cameron’s drum beating but in truth he knows he hasn’t a hope of getting the tax Islands on his side, it’s all eyewash, the guy has as much ‘cojones’ as a pork chop, he is just all show and no substance.”

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