Doctors declare war on Jeremy Hunt over weekend working ‘myths’ amid plan for seven day NHS

IR Comment:  “Jeremy Hunt is the perfect example of the Dunning–Kruger effect. ”

GW:  Gideon?  Yes GW?  What’s the Dunning-Kruger effect?  Well GW “Wiki D-K E” tells us it’s ……..  Guffaw!

IR Comment:  “Mr Hunt and the pencil-heads in the DofH who regularly send out directives and pontificate endlessly, should get out on the front line of the NHS and see what is ACTUALLY happening on the ground.  The service is under-resourced, overstretched and crippled with bureaucracy from on high.

Meanwhile, a 24/7 service is and always has been delivered by the NHS. It is in the very essence of what the service is and has always been.”

IR Comment:  “I worked a 14 hour day yesterday as a consultant on call, was dead on my feet when I got home, and then took a call for advice at 3am. This is the workload we face – it’s part of the job. I am happy to work weekends as needed, but that will reduce my input during the week unless there are LOTS more money for the extra staff to backfill my time.”

IR Comment:  “As a management consultant I frequently worked a 14 hour day. Weekend working was also expected if the client demanded it.”  Watch out mate.  what do you think you’re doing coming in here shooting your mouth off like that?  Get outta the way.  Quick.

IR Comment:  “As a management consultant, how many of your clients had the risk of dying if you were to make a mistake at work due to tiredness? ”  BLAM BLAM.  Wrong saloon mate.

IR Comment:  “Not really the same is it? Management consultants going out for lunch with clients.  Compare that to, you know, anaesthetising a child, operating on someone, running a cardiac arrest. I have many “management consultant” friends that work from home, have lunch breaks, eat out at the expense of clients, do me a favour comparing medicine to “consulting”.”  BLAM BLAM BLAM.  OOPS.  Kerthud.  Gideon.  Yes GW.  Fetch the First Aid Box quickly.  Right away GW.

IR Comment:  It’s odd that a man who can claim expenses for just being at work, has a chauffeur driven car and can claim mileage and other expenses, will get to take nearly 3 months paid leave during the summer due to some archaic law passed when the Thames stank so badly and is paid up to 100,000 pounds a year is willing to point the finger at NHS staff who can’t claim these things and who work so very hard for so little reward. Odd “”

IR Comment:  “Lest we forget, Jeremy Hunt is the character who, when caught embezzling expenses to which he was most definitely not entitled, maintained that he didn’t understand the system. A childish excuse which would befit a 5-year old. How on earth is this dishonest character fit to run our NHS?”

IR Comment:  “I used to work in BBC World Service. As a studio manager I got compensatory leave for overtime worked. When I became responsible for running a foreign language service I listened to the news at 7:00 am, read the papers on the Tube, worked flat out until 6:00 or 7:00 pm, checked the news at home, did background reading over dinner and remained on call until my last programme went out at midnight.

It wasn’t in my contract that I should devote so much of my life to my work, and if any pipsqueak politician had come along and told me to “get real” I would have had something to say to him. “

Jeremy Vine Tweet

jeremy vine tweet

jeremy vine tweet

If doctors made decisions as ill-informed as Jeremy Hunt’s people would die

At last LSM gets involved.

26 July 2015

“JuniorDoctorBlog” – Getting Trolled By the Government: ‘A Response’

Petition To debate a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary the Right Hon Jeremy Hunt now has 209,902 signatures Twitter campaign #

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