Dear Other Normal Human Beings

Petition To debate a vote of no confidence in Health Secretary the Right Hon Jeremy Hunt UPDATE

Twitter campaign #

Signature progress in last 24 hours:  178,322 to 182,267 to 184,559.  It’s really revving up folks.  Keep it up.  A million would be hard to ignore.


“Yes, after years of pretending to be a doctor in medical school, years of looking forward to finally putting “Dr” in front of my name and not being a piece of unwanted furniture on ward rounds, I actually graduated and got a real job. (If you hear a distant “thump”, don’t worry. It’s just the sound of all my medical school professors fainting in shock. — Ed.) I finally got my orientation, joined the workforce, and became responsible for  the lives of hundreds of patients who rely on me as their first line of defense against every illness known to mankind.”

It scared the **** out of me.

GW: Jeremy Hunt couldn’t even begin to understand the essence of what is being said as Jeremy has not ploughed such a field as this – rather Mr Hunt was given a huge leg up his ladder through The British Council and because of his being related to one Virginia Bottomley. .

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