KONP Newsletter 30 June 2015


Hunt Attempts to Solve GP Crisis: Too little too late

NHS errors waste £2.5bn says HuntThe Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt has announced that the government is to recruit 5,000 more GPs 2020 (see speech video here), but this is unlikely to happen. Dr Mark Porter, chairman of the British Medical Association, has publicly prompted the government “to get real” in its promises and referred to this government´s New Deal as a lie5. It is indeed difficult to understand how this promise will be reached as in the next five years the country is expected to lose 10,000 GPs5,6. One in 3 trainees GP posts are empty because the progressive cuts have made of this an unpopular high-risk-of-burden profession. The total number of unfilled positions has quadrupled in three years. If Hunt really wants to improve the service should be providing a clearer and costed plan.

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New Immigration Rules Will Increase NHS Costs

As we all know, the NHS relies upon thousands of overseas workers to keep its operations going. However, the government’s latest attempt to limit immigration is likely to have a devastating impact upon NHS recruitment of nurses and other workers according to a new study by Oxford University, whose findings are confirmed by Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive & General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing.

From 2016 anyone from outside the EU who wishes to stay in the UK longer than six years must earn a salary of at least £35,000. Since many NHS staff, especially nurses, earn less than this,

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TTIP: Democracy Spurned

TTIP Absent From ElectionThe European Parliament, this week, cancelled a debate on TTIP because the vote would have resulted in a rejection of the agreement, showing that EU officials have an agenda forged by big business that they do not want derailed by ordinary people.

In the US, Obama with the support of the Republicans has crossed a major hurdle in his attempt to ‘fast track’ (ie reduce democratic scrutiny of) the TPP and TTIP.

The pro TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) lobby was hoping that a debate in the European Parliament, due to take place on the 10th June, would endorse the current secret negotiations,

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29 “Vanguard” Sites Announced by NHSE

End_Game_cartoon_27_March_2015_croppedSimon Stevens’ Five Year Forward View (5YFV) took a huge step toward implementation this week as NHS England announced the 29 areas that will get extra funding to implement the ‘new models of care’.

5YFV is a plan concocted by the head of NHS England as a road map to the future of the NHS. It’s written in warm fluffy language praising the NHS as our “proudest achievement” and claims that a universal, tax funded healthcare system, free at the point of delivery is “doable”.

But Simon Stevens is also a privatiser. He was one of the architects of Tony Blair’s introduction of private providers into the NHS and according to the Telegraph Mr Stevens believes in competition.

However competition doesn’t work in healthcare.

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250,000 People March Against Austerity

In an attempt to let the Tories know that we are not about to take their dismantling of the welfare state and the NHS lying down, a huge 250,000 marched from the Bank to Parliament Square. Among their number was a large contingent from Keep Our NHS public.

Read/view the Channel 4 version of the story here

Capita Win Back Office Contract

The project to split up the NHS and sell it off on the cheap took another step forward this week as Capita (Known to Private Eye readers as Crapita because of a long history of overruns and botched projects) has ‘won’ the contract to supply back office services to GPs and pharmacists.

Story in the FT here

Head of BMA Excoriates the Tories

The head of the BMA (the British Medical Association), in a speech delivered to the organisation’s conference has attacked the government with a vehemence not normally associated with such august bodies.

“We have a government run from cloud nine rather than Number 10. The crisis is real, but their solutions show little grasp of reality.” stated Dr Porter (head of the BMA).   He also pointed out that: “the NHS has fewer doctors per head of population than the Czech Republic, Estonia or Hungary. In a league table of healthcare resources such as staff, beds and medical equipment, we finished 28th out of 30”

Read the Guardian’s report of Dr Porter’s speech here (it’s a good, if depressing read)
Read the Economist Intelligence Unit’s report on the NHS (where we came 28th out of 30 for resources here (if that link doesn’t work you can get it by signing up for free here)

Quality of Care Related to Number of Nurses Research Shows.

A report commissioned by NHS England, leaked to the Health Service Journal gives firm evidence that the number of nurses per patient effects the quality of patient care. The study found a correlation between “40 indicators” (things like falls and blood pressure) and nursing levels after studying figures over “a number of years”

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