Feedback From “BBC Meets Watford’s Election Candidates On Farm Terrace Allotments”

Peter Brookes Times Tory Allotmenteering

Peter Brookes from The Times on Tory type of Allotmenteering. Thanks to NLAT for the post.

Thanks to the above cartoon from Mr Brookes, we now have a good idea about what Tory priorities are regarding the saving or the disposal of the allotments Current Con MP Richard Harrington came, did his piece to camera on the periphery of the allotments rather than on them and then walked straight past the allotmenteers and away with his ‘agent’.

FibDem hopeful Dorothy Thornhill – Watford’s current Mayor – refused to even set foot on the allotments as she had supposedly seen a tweet saying there would be a “dangerous protest” there and she did not want to become embroiled in it.  This turned out to be a gross fabrication – exaggeration is something that Ms Thornhill does frequently if things are not going her way.  There was a morning tea laid on and so there was a flask of hot tea which could have caused some thirst quenching at the very least and some butterfly cakes – well folks you know how dangerous THEY can be.  One of those gets stuck in your throat and it’s a trip to A&E.  Oh wait – Jeremy Hunt closed those didn’t he.

The Labour candidate Matt Turmaine arrived with a Labour councillor from Leavesden and another from West Watford.  Mr Turmaine talked with all the allotmenteers and then sat down at an allotment to do his piece with the BBC.  To his credit he didn’t ask the children playing nearby to stop making noise and he didn’t mind a small group of individuals sitting on the grass chatting behind him.  Everyone tried to keep the noise down though and Mr Turmaine showed himself to be quite tolerant.

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