Look What Has Happened To The Maternity Experience Under Privatisation


DER Comment:
– Babies popping out like corks from a champagne bottle .. tearing the mother! (breathing technique not taught anymore)  Why isn’t it taught?
– Never saw the same midwife twice in three days
– no home visits during last month
– originally told five-minute contractions, then changed to ‘THREE’ when she called the hospital!
– Water-boarding by baby because there is no nursery (no milk for first three days)
– no sleep for two nights
– told off for falling asleep while holding baby
– bleeding breasts ..
– At 10pm mother told the NHS would only supply one more feed of formula
– No forewarning of ‘no visitors’
– Mother and husband in tears …And all this at a FLAGSHIP privatised hospital …a far cry from the NHS of my day. Totally incompetent, totally inept …

DER Comment:  “A Welsh NHS nurse recently said ‘the NHS is a victim of its own success’ and that’s why it’s in crisis.”

GovWatch:  As someone else remarked, we have PAID NI all our working lives so that we can be assured of having the services and support we require, including financial support in times of non-work, and the support we need in our old age.  It’s not our fault that those charged with the management of these funds have ****** the lot into the wind!  We on the other hand have been diligent in the management of those resources left to us after tax but this feckless establishment is determined to redistribute these savings as well mostly to their own kind ie the 1 percent.  We probably have many cases of folk who have persistently avoided UK tax yet are blatantly using publicly funded UK services.

FURTHERMORE – Subtle changes in terminology by Osborne put those on public pensions in the ‘Welfare’ category.

“According to the Treasury’s own figures, £28.5 billion of the £168 billion Osborne labels ‘welfare’ is actually money that is being spent on ‘personal social services.’  Personal social services includes spending on things like care for looked after children as well as the long-term care of the elderly, sick and disabled.

Osborne’s “welfare” slice also includes a further £20 billion of spending on pensions for public sector workers including nurses and soldiers and even the chancellor himself.”  http://www.politics.co.uk/blogs/2014/11/04/osborne-s-tax-statements-are-publicly-funded-tory-propaganda

Erm.  Would you like a doughnut with that mocha GW?  Splutter!


Reality of Modern Poverty


Comment:  Jack Monroe a girl who really does cook on a budget: http://agirlcalledjack.com/2015/01/29/vegan-peanut-butter-banana-superpower-muffins-that-happen-to-be-flourless-and-delicious/

Comment:  “In an afterthought there is an Internet movement at the moment around sourcing fresh fruit which is in free parks etc. ‘Neighbourhood fruit’ is one such website. I use it in summer. It maps all the local public fruit spots. Also as a child I used to help out at local allotments and receive the odd bag of veggies as well as learning lots about gardening.”

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