FibDems In Watford Want To Bring Diggers And Bulldozers In On Farm Terrace

farm terrace ALLOTMENT (HC) 31M0268.JPG-pwrt2

Farm Terrace Allotments Watford.  Is this really the eyesore that Dorothy Thornhill says it is?  Bet the people living in those flats don’t think so.

“Campaigners hailed a “huge victory” in the High Court in October after successfully overturning Eric Pickles’ decision to grant the council approval to develop the site.”

HoweverMayor Dorothy Thornhill said “Nothing has changed, so why would we not put update the Secretary of State with what is now a stronger application?””

Meanwhile “In December, the committee was told Hertfordshire County Council had submitted a formal request requesting for the allotment land to be allocated for a new primary school.”

So far WBC have spent over £20000 of tax-payers’ money on Court fees.  It seems for FibDems money is no object.

As to 77% of Watford’s electorate agreeing with this.

Comment:  “If I remember only 2,000 out of a population of 86,000 in Watford took part in the survey. So that is 2.3 % of the population took part in the survey. So 77% of 2.3 %. Do you think that is reflective?”

GovWatch:  Nothing’s changed?  Oh yes it has.  Watford now has an Autocrat and NOT a Democrat.

Save Farm Terrace Facebook

Farm Terrace Fighting Fund

Dorothy Thornhill – Dorothy takes artworld by storm.  Is this how Dorothy is raising money for her PPC campaign?


FTAG next Meeting is Monday the 19th Jan 2015 at 7.30pm.


Watford Mayor Dorothy Thornhill backs Healthy Eating Program?????

How does she square that circle?

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