Introduce A Touch Of Glass

“These days if you meet anyone who owns and uses a greenhouse then you know straight away that they must be a proper enthusiast.”

GovWatch:  Yes down at Farm Terrace Allotments there are greenhouses but not for much longer if Watford’s FibDem Mayor Dorothy Thornhill has anything to do about it.  Dorothy hates greenhouses.  Ms Thornhill prefers luxury houses.  Ms Thornhill famously said she would cut down a 500 year old Oak to build her dream house.

Farm Terrace Allotments under threat again in 2015.  FTAG will have to fight Watford Borough Council a third time to save ‘The Terrace’.  Farm Terrace Fighting Fund at GoFundMe.

The Value Of Eco Therapy and Prescriptive Gardening

Please Help They Are Taking Farm Terrace Allotments In West Watford.

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