Don’t Get Mad But Get Even?

Mar 26, 2014

Rothschild in Twitter Spat as Bakries Cut Ties With Miner

Asia Resource Minerals Chart

Asia Resource Minerals Price Chart – Bloomberg.

“Financier Nathaniel Rothschild and a member of Indonesia’s Bakrie family were involved in an angry exchange on Twitter after they completed a long-delayed $501 million deal to unwind a three-year coal investment.

The public spat came in a series of messages yesterday between Rothschild, 42, scion of a centuries-old British banking dynasty, and Aga Bakrie, son of one of three brothers who control the family empire. Earlier in the day it was announced that the Bakries had severed their ties with London-based Asia Resource Minerals Plc. (ARMS)

Rothschild, still owns about 17 percent of the venture started with the Bakries.  An ill-fated $3 billion investment vehicle unveiled in 2010 and named Bumi Plc, later renamed Asia Resource Minerals.”

BR Comment:  “About hundred seventy million dollars of the company’s money disappeared and Rothschild is playing the innocent virgin victim.”

BR Comment:  “Many foreign investors are still testing the Indonesian water with their long term investments. This place has just turned even more protectionist on its natural resources that in reality is protectionism of Indonesian vested interests from the onslaught of foreign competition.”

Comment:  “Now who would have it in for SE Asia?”

Comment:  “Economic warfare and sabotage “

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