FibDem Council’s Housing Policy Continues To Transform Watford From A Pleasant Market Town Into A Concrete Jungle

Pickles Approves Plan For 100 Homes On Hertfordshire Green Belt

14 October 2014

Watford Green Belt

Watford Green Belt.

“The Building Research Establishment (BRE) had appealed against the decision of St Albans City & District Council to refuse outline planning permission for the demolition of existing buildings and construction of the new homes, associated facilities and access at BRE’s site at Bucknalls Lane at Garston near Watford.”

Watford Borough Council has said it will have to build a minimum of 6,500 homes between 2006 and 2031 be_built_in_the_borough/

GovWatch:  The Fiberal Democrats in Watford said the Greens were finished.  Erm I believe that the Greens have a bigger membership than the LibDums or is that just whistling I can hear?

Green Party surge ‘likely to overtake Ukip AND Lib Dems’, says Manchester candidate

Watford’s FibDem Mayor Dorothy Thornhill refuses to wear Green especially Belts. primary_school/

WOR Comment:  “The smell of freshly poured concrete is like Viagra to Thornhill & Sharpe.”

Watfordians Should Study The Current Proposals at the following Link

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