WATCOR Joins A Group Of “Belligerent Artists” At Cafe Cha Cha For A Folk Evening

Watford Writers At Cha Cha

Watford Writers at Cafe Cha Chahttp://www.watfordwriters.co.uk/

They smoked cigarettes and stared at the moon” (apologies Tom Petty) as they made their way up the lane towards Cafe Cha Cha in Cassiobury Park on a decidedly misty and dark Watford evening.

Watford has a surfeit of Folk groups and at least 70 poets but it is hard to get to know about all this vibrancy let alone get along to hear any of them as WBC doesn’t advertise such information to the wider Watford Community.  WBC have other priorities as regular readers already know.

The organiser of last night’s event did so by word of mouth.  WBC had been asked if it was possible to put a noticeboard protected from the weather in The Parade where these gatherings could be listed but they were ‘unable to help’.  They were however able to spend £5 Million upgrading the pond as a lasting memorial to Watford’s Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill.  Oh well C’est la vie!  Burble burble burble.  Well GovWatch get on with it.  How was it?


Silencio – 9 Artists Unplugged – http://www.watfordacousticfolk.com/

It was an excellent evening with good food and a very couth atmosphere provided by candle lit tables, guests dressed in a mixture of boho and smart evening attire and lively performers including both the youthful and the more experienced.  If only Mayor Thornhill had a better understanding of what could be possible in Watford if she actually LISTENED to those from this vibrant community.  http://www.watfordacousticfolk.com/

SilencioWatford Facebook https://www.facebook.com/silenciowatford/timeline

Now just watch her get rid of Cafe Cha Cha when she ‘redevelops’ Cassiobury Park next year!  Just like she got rid of the cycle lanes recently and now there has been a prang of course. 

http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/11624796.Police_and_paramedics_in_Watford_High_Street_after_crash_between cyclist_and_pedestrian/


Next event from Silencio is on 22 December 2014.

LP Cafe 173 The Parade
High Street
WD17 1NJ


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