The Night Ukip Returned The Kitchen Sink To David Cameron


Arron Banks with a sink for Tory Candidate.

“After David Cameron’s promise to “throw the kitchen sink” at his party’s attempt to win the Rochester and Strood by-election, Mr Banks turned up with an actual sink, which he was taking back to the Tories.”

However what does UKIP stand for?

GovWatch has a number of worries about some of their policies even though their robust sense of humour at the Tories’ expense is much appreciated.

EUROPE: Nigel Farage says he wants an “amicable divorce”

IMMIGRATION: An end to the age of “mass uncontrolled immigration”.

TAX: UKIP favours a flat tax – a single combined rate of income tax and national insurance paid by all workers.  A major shrinking of the size of the state, which would revert to a “safety net” for the poorest.  What about tax avoidance by tptb all and sundry?

EDUCATION: UKIP backs selection by ability and would encourage the creation of new grammar schools.  What about getting rid of failing Academy Trusts and those wretched “Free” Schools.  All staff to be fully qualified as well.

HEALTH:  shrink the Department of Health and hand control to locally elected County Health Boards.  Erm those CCGs set to be run by Private US Corp United Health?  Could well be construed as continuing with “privatisation” and that’s just NOT on.

DEFENCE: According to a recent policy paper, UKIP would increase defence spending back to 2010 levels.  Brian Gerrish at UK Column would be cautiously pleased with that proposal.

ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE: UKIP is sceptical about the existence of man-made climate change and would scrap all subsidies for renewable energy.  It backs the expansion of shale gas extraction, or fracking, and a mass programme of nuclear power stations.  Whoops!

GAY MARRIAGE: UKIP supports the concept of civil partnerships, but opposes the move to legislate for same-sex marriage, which it says risks “the grave harm of undermining the rights of Churches and Faiths to decide for themselves whom they will and will not marry”.  Why couldn’t CamoFlage have taken this line?

LAW AND ORDER: UKIP would double prison places and protect “frontline” policing to enforce “zero tolerance” of crime.  Hope Melanie Shaw and other whistleblowers like her are not part of the planned population.

THE ECONOMY: UKIP is proposing “tens of billions” of tax cuts and had set out £77bn of cuts to public expenditure to deal with the deficit.  Erm …

TRANSPORT: UKIP says it is the only political party to oppose the High Speed 2 (HS2) rail line arguing it will destroy countryside for little economic gain.  Yep.

SOCIAL ISSUES: UKIP has been vocal in its opposition to what it sees as “political correctness” in public life. It also argues that multiculturalism has “split” British society.  Yep.

DEMOCRACY: The party wants binding local and national referendums on major issues.  On whether Watford needs 750 living units in West Watford or not?  Bring it on!

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