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NHA on The Economy

These are our policies

Progressive taxation. Taxation policies should be based on maintaining a decent standard of living for all, and as income soars way above the level of comfort to ridiculous excess, tax bands should reflect that. We support the re-instatement of – and efficient collection of – the 50p higher rate of tax and we support higher taxes on luxury goods and services

A determined tax avoidance and evasion clampdown. The Tax Justice Network estimates up to £70 billion in tax is evaded each year – just under half the amount of income tax that was actually collected in 2013-14. Tax avoidance is estimated to cost the UK up to £20 billion per year. The Public and Civil Service Union says more than £120 billion is lost to avoided, evaded and uncollected tax. Whatever the true figure, it’s clear this money could have a huge impact on stimulating our economy and bringing down our debt. We demand that all due taxes are collected, that greater efforts are made to close the  tax loopholes which enable tax avoidance and that short-sighted cuts to HMRC staffing levels are reversed and inspectors increased  to  focus on tax  evasion by the richest corporations and individuals.

A financial transaction tax. A small levy of 0.1-0.5% on all financial transactions could raise billions of pounds that could be used to stimulate private sector growth and generate more revenue for public services. To be effective, the tax would need to be adopted by all the major economies. Eleven European nations have signed up for it, but the UK, as yet, has not.

What NHA Are Saying –

Jeremy Hunt must give full statement on kidney dialysis – and stop this vital service being devolved to local commissioning groups

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