The Key To Understanding Dorothy Thornhill’s Relentless Quest To “Gentrify” Watford

Dorothy was born in 1955 and therefore spent her early teenage years in the mid 60s and 70s.  It seems her father was not prepared to give Dorothy the education to which she aspired believing that ‘most girls get married anyway.’  This was not an uncommon sentiment in some quarters at that time but one suspects that Dorothy was a girl who craved the world of the privet hedge and the grammar school rather than the world that her parents provided for her.  To her credit she did acquire that education regardless of her father’s views but one gets the feeling that there is residual resentment there under the surface even today.  Resentment has driven Dorothy relentlessly forward in order to eradicate that lingering feeling of childhood neglect.  As she charted her course, she cast certain supportive people aside as one does with a slightly stained tea towel while simultaneously regarding every member of the Watford electorate who didn’t happen to agree with her point of view as an ‘enemy’ of progress.

Two husbands later and true to form Dorothy lives the lifestyle of a middle class matron in a 4 bedroom home in Oxhey.  But all things are relative and had Dorothy had a more in-depth ‘life experience’ instead of her relentless pursuit of power she would have come to realise this.  For instance, not all of society craves her choice of lifestyle and some consider a far less salubrious upbringing than hers to indeed be ‘A Fortunate Life’.

But the ulltimate apoplectic fact for Dorothy to get her head around is that there are those not a million miles from her front door who call houses such as hers in Oxhey ‘Council Houses’.  All that social climbing Dorothy and for what?  More time spent walking bare foot on a beach at sunset might have better helped to ease the pain.

WB Council Rejects Plea For Allotments To Be Protected In Development Proposals be_protected_in_development_proposals/

WOR Comment:  “Here’s an interesting little snippet, when the mayor said there was a black cloud over the Town Hall the day the judgement was announced like all things from her it wasn’t quite like that.  Allegedly she was so annoyed she refused to speak to anyone, now is that the way to behave in public office ? More like a five year old in the nursery.  If you watch her eyes and hear the tone of her voice in the interview it’s extremly likely to be true.”

And Further To That Dorothy Thornhill “TimeWarp”

WOR Comment:  “Strange decision by Mayor and old fashioned Lib Dem run council. In London proper councils working with top notch developers are adding allotments into new regeneration schemes. Like the Battersea power station redevelopment. Or the £1.6 Billion rebuild of the Elephant and Castle estate. In Brixton, Higgins Homes are adding allotments to their major housing scheme because the company wants to leave a legacy. As it says you can build, make money and by adding in the allotments they want to “bring residents together” How different from an old fashioned 60s approach by Watfords Mayor and Chief Executive. They are out of touch, old fashioned and not interested. Perhaps the Watford Observer should contact developers in central London and see why they can do it , when Watford says no.”  Cue Chris Farlowe –

Chris Farlowe – Out of Time 1986

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