Abbots Langley Residents Take Inspiration From The Farm Tce Campaign In Watford For Their Battle Against Over-Development In Woodside Road

Woodside Road Abbots L

Woodside Road Abbots Langley.

“Paul Johnson, a resident of Orchard Avenue, said the majority of the 100 residents in attendance were against the plans.

He said villagers have drawn inspiration from Farm Terrace allotment holders – who successfully took Watford Borough Council to the High Court – as they prepare their own battle.” far_too_many__as_residents_battle_plans/?ref=mr

Farm Terrace Allotmenteers Victory Celebration Party Featured on BBC’s The One Show on 18 Nov 2014-  Interestingly Bette Midler who guested on the same show, told them how she saved the Green Spaces in New York just as Dorothy Thornhill is getting rid of West Watford’s Green Lung.

GovWatch:  It’s worse than an Ebola outbreak here in Watford folks.  More members of the electorate are now starting to say “NO” to Town Hall bureaucrats.  The inclination to stand one’s ground against plans for over-development is spreading faster than a good Aussie Bushfire in parts of Hertfordshire.  No wonder Watford’s elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill looks a little less bumptious lately.  She seems to have been caught out starting a fire at Farm Terrace Allotments which was supposed to be blamed on the Allotmenteers but somehow the Crime Team found her fingerprints all over an abandoned lighter which was found partially concealed in the brushwood there.  Oh Dear.

Cue Billy Joel – “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

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