Farm Terrace Allotmenteers’ Victory Party Will Now Be Featured On BBC’s “The One Show”18 November 2014 At 7pm

One Show

The One Show Logo – BBC.


“Hello again, firstly thank you to everyone who could make the party. I am sure you will all agree that it was a great success. I am very sorry that The One Show did not show our piece on Thursday night but I have been notified by the director to say that it will be shown tonight at 7.00pm on BBC1.”

Comment:  “Delighted to hear that the Farm Terrace Allotments have been saved and well done on a brilliant campaign. Happy growing, and all the best for the future :)”

GovWatch:  If only Helen.  Have you not read “Wacko Jacko” (Mr Thornhill)’s comments recently? 

QUOTE The largest bit of land coming available in West Watford is the site of the *ealth *ampus which will have proper levels of parking for all of the new flats and houses, plus underground parking for the hospital staff and local businesses, plus a multi story car park for visitors, plus a relocated car park for the football stadium. UNQUOTE  On Farm Terrace Allotments he means!  They haven’t given up even after 2 defeats in Court! parking_problems/  It takes something stronger than a ‘mere judge’ to dent Watford’s Elected Mayor Dorothy Thornhill’s ego.


There is a full Council Meeting scheduled for 7pm Wednesday 19 November 2014 which promises a lively debate as the Labour Councillors have lodged the following for consideration:-

(1) The following motion is being moved by Councillor Nigel Bell and seconded by Councillor Jagtar SinghDhindsa
“This Council resolves that after the Judgement in the High Court on 31st. October, that the Mayor and her Cabinet work constructively with the tenants of Farm terrace allotments to preserve the historic site and provide the extra resources needed for a popular new Community facility.”
 There will be several questions posed to the Council to ensure that some lively debate is had considering it was the Council’s error in not updating the government and the knock on implications to costs to the Watford Taxpayer.

All FTAG members are requested to be in attendance to support Labour and the Greens on this issue.

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