Russian Money Pipeline Straight Into UK Via Parliament

UKC 24 July 2014 Oligarchs have bought way into UK

UK Column 24 July 2014 Oligarchs have bought a place at the UK Political Table.

UK Column Live 24 July 2014.

How Russians are bankrolling the Tory Party (but don’t tell MI5!)

UKC 24 July 2014 Putin Explan

UK Column 24 July 2014 Putin responds to the UK rhetoric.

Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando ‘tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC but no one wanted to know’

Mickey Summers an abuse victim from Nottingham gave a report today about what has been going on.  He says Beechwood and Hazlewood Homes and Ashley House are ‘in the frame’ and his records suspiciously ‘disappeared’.  They said his records were destroyed in 1978 so he has asked the Information Commissioner to investigate.  Without these care records victims can’t get legal representation.  John Collins the leader of Notts Council. He asked the rest of us to say ‘We won’t take it any more’ and to descend on Notts Council and tell them so.

UKC 24 July 2014 Notts MPs

UK Column 24 July 2014 Notts MPs who have not given any help.

UKC 24 July 2014 Notts Council charging a licence fee

UK Column 24 July Notts Council – you have to have a licence to hand out leaflets and free news papers.

Francis Maude recently bragged about new ‘Public Service Mutuals’ spun out from the public service sector.  Basically they are privatising public service, cheating public sector employees out of their pension savings under ‘new contracts, and later they will ‘sell’ these ‘businesses’ to SERCO, CRAPITA, VIR-GIN Etc.

The Full Maude Speech

Watford Borough Council are also ‘running with Maude’s ‘Public Service Mutuals’  ball’.

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