Leon Brittan Was Given a Second Paedophile Dossier

Leon Brittan, the former Conservative Home Secretary, was handed a second dossier detailing sex abuse allegations involving a notorious paedophile group.

In 1983 Scotland Yard sent Lord Brittan the results of a two -year investigation into the Paedophile Information Exchange, a group which campaigned for paedophilia to be legal.

According to reports the dossier named 15 men suspected of involvement in child sex activity and was passed to Sir Thomas Hetherington, the then Director of Public Prosecutions.

It is not known whether the Sir Thomas used the dossier as the basis for any prosecutions, but the following year two members of the group were convicted of obscenity.

It comes after Lord Brittan faced controversy over a separate dossier naming eight public figures as sex abusers, including a television executive and high-profile politicians.”


GovWatch:  Well maybe one might have slipped your attention in a busy day Leon, but TWO?  Now that’s more than coincidence.

4 July 2014





UKC 28 July 2014 Clarke smears Geoffrey Dickens

UK Column 28 July 2014 – Ken Clarke smears Geoffrey Dickens.


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