Book On Child Abuse In Lambeth Banned By ConDems 30 January 2013



Censored ‘From Hillsborough To Lambeth’.

Book ‘From Hillsborough To Lambeth’ banned in 2013 by David Cameron’s Government.

Brian Pead and James Walker were both ‘stitched up’ by Lambeth.

Lambeth do not CRB Check staff from overseas who take jobs in its children’s services.


Maggie Tuttle Interviewed Mr Pead 24th February 2013

“Brian Pead [aka William Brian Freeman when imprisoned] was arrested unlawfully on dubious charges on 15 May 2014 and has been moved to six prisons since. Known as ‘ghosting’, this is a despicable part of the fabric of the penal system for as long as prison watchers can remember.”

Brian Pead appeared at Inner London Crown Court on Tuesday 29 July. To check the time, please see

A PDF copy of Mr Pead’s book can be downloaded from this site.

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