Trouble In The Hive?

Honey Love Bee Keeper

‘Honey Love’ The Urban Bee Keeper LA

The Waggle Dance

 ‘Honey Love’ – The Waggle Dance

GovWatch was talking with a Watford bee-keeper yesterday and as one does asked how the bees were getting on.  She explained that they were very inclined to swarm, these bees.  In fact ‘They’ll swarm at any tick of the clock,’  she said.  OOh.  So if one was the beekeeper, one could suddenly lose half the hive?  Why do they swarm?  Overcrowding is one reason.  Hmmm.  Local elections are coming up on 22 MayLosing half the hive could be a bit of a problem.  Overcrowding eh?  Well Watford is suffering in this way at the moment.  Hmmm.

What does the bee-keeper do?  Keep an eye on the new queen and make sure that she is esconsed in a suitable new dwelling.  Then all the worker bees will happily follow suit.  It seems that the Queen is the key.  Is there a new Queen in Watford?  Are the worker bees lining up behind her?

Can a local politician influence events in any way?  Well he/she could start by learning how to communicate properly maybe.  Learn ‘The Waggle Dance’ perhaps?

Save Farm Terrace Allotments

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