Watford’s Mayor Thornhill Puckers Up For Nick Clegg


Nick and Dotty

2012 was the ‘Summer of Love’ for Richard Harrington and Watford Mayor Dorothy Thornhill. In those halcyon days there were cosy suppers at the Conservative Club where Dotty pored over housing expansion programmes while Rich poured the wine.  Fatal Attraction to endless arrays of housing complexes was the common spark that first drew them into a vortex of all-consuming passion.

But as we all know the roadway of life is rife with potholes – rather like the byways of Watford as it turns out – and so it was not surprising to find that all too soon the wheels were coming off their relationship.  Personally I blame the outsourcing of the road maintenance programme, however …

Then this very afternoon – the rumour of new developments ….. a whisper, a sharp intake of breath, an ‘I can’t believe it’ moment …. a new development and we are NOT talking housing this time folks …… Dotty finds solace in the arms of another …… COR what a lovebug!





Save Farm Terrace Allotments From becoming 66 Executive Homes and a Car Park http://www.gofundme.com/save-farm-terrace

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