Despite A Legal Challenge Watford Borough Council Go Ahead And Submit A Planning Application To Build Houses And A Car Park On Farm Terrace Allotments

Farm Tce WBC Planning App Apr 2014

Farm Terrace Allotments. WBC Planning Application April 2014.

“Spring is in the air” and WBC just can’t wait to get the ‘digging’ started. Is Mayor Dorothy going to help with the sowing and the harvest this year GovWatch?  Erm ……  Common GovWatch, stop messing about.  What’s going on?

Well, firstly there is that very important Watford Mayoral Election on 22 May. Mayor Dorothy has used every trick in the book to persuade Watfordians that she should be given a fourth term.  I guess pressing on with that housing and car park agenda is a tried and tested route for Watford’s Dorothy.  More high-rise anybody?  Mayor Dorothy seems to have completely forgotten about whether there are schools, dentists, doctor’s surgeries etc to cater for the extra families she has already attracted to West Watford.  You see there’s those Grammar Schools in West Watford isn’t there.  Unfortunately schooling in Watford isn’t as simple as those wishing to live in West Watford might hope.  Existing schools are heavily oversubscribed and some primaries have a large proportion of immigrant children.  In other words, West Watford has had the ‘No Vacancies’ sign up for a while.  Watford’s primary schools were facing a crisis in 2009.  It’s now 2014 and virtually NOTHING has been done.

As for a car park – to cater for the cars in West Watford one would need a multi story one or something underground involving several levels.  Then when one gets the vehicle out, one cannot go anywhere very quickly as the road space is just not available there.  Sigh.

Dorothy do what Richard Harrington does.  Buy a farm in a village in Hampshire and put all that ‘affordable housing’ down there.  He takes care not to **** in his own back yard at least.

BTW GovWatch when you said Mayor Thornhill was ‘using every trick in the book’, what did you mean?  Ah well, there’s smearing your opponent with a three year old allegation from which he was cleared by Herts Police at the time for one. desparate_attempt_to_gain_political_support/?action=success#comments

Farm Terrace Action Group Fighting Fund  SSH don’t tell anyone GovWatch but Vivienne Westwood wants to design our T Shirts.  She has already collected some design ideas at a recent SECRET planning get together we had at The Oddfellows Pub recently.

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