Watford Borough Council And Kier Have Set Up A Separate Company To Avoid Future FOI Requests About The Proposed ‘Wealth Campus’


WBC Offices

‘Campaigners are launching a second legal bid to save West Watford allotments by arguing the Government was “misled” over what the land would be used for in the health campus development.’


http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/11085023.Watford_Health_Campus_group_claims_Government_was misled_over_allotment_plans/?ref=mr

Comment:  ‘Unfortunately Watford council and Kier have now set up separate company so the decision-making process on what happens on the housing/health campus is outside pubic scrutiny and freedom of information legislation. This is despite a number of high-ranking Watford council employees sitting on the board of the separate company whilst making sure that they do not have any paper records of meetings or electronic versions saved on their computers. They would be subject to Freedom of Information requests as council officials so would have to produce these notes. This all very sneaky despite the fact that the Council is investing money on behalf of its residents, the very people who voted them in who now cannot scrutinise if this money is being invested wisely.’

Comment: ‘Whilst Judicial review is notoriously unpredictable, Farm Terrace have always had a very strong case, the biggest hurdle has always been the money, well they seem to be able to fund raise and as such must stand a good chance, I would point out that the council may well find itself with a hefty bill from two sets of Legal teams here maybe totalling 100K, for not building on the allotments.’


Mayor Thornhill – Watford.

The Comments Section of the Watford Observer is often used by informed Watford locals to counteract FibDem lies and spin about the true nature of this Wealth Campus.  It now seems that because The Mayor Dorothy Thornhill has come up against agile opponents who have exposed her mendaciousness and who have criticized her ruthless mis-management of this ‘development’ she has increased the secretive nature of the decision-making process so that the residents will now be ‘kept in the dark’ about future plans.  We now have a Dictatorship in Watford.  Dotty driving Watford to distraction and destruction.

It is rumoured that Dorothy intends to run for MP in 2015.  Common hands up.  Anybody for another FibDem in Westminster?  Go on you know you want one.  After all the times the FibDems have let the electorate down since 2010.  Well …..

Don’t forget T Blair said setting up the Freedom of Information Act was his biggest mistake.  Well I expect Dorothy Thornhill would agree with that sentiment.

Farm Terrace Fighting Fundhttp://www.gofundme.com/save-farm-terrace

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