Question Time On 6 March 2014 Or Possibly ‘Barking In Barking Recently’

Digital Spy Forum picked up on this event and GovWatch noticed some of what was said.  In fact GovWatch belatedly caught up with this BBC spectacle as a repeat and was shocked to see the over privileged panel, including 2 MPs, watch impassively while an unemployed and homeless Brit informed them that in spite of lodging over 100 job applications, he had not even received one letter of acknowledgement.  As they stared at him from their lofty perches, he put on his ragged coat and left the studio.  Not one of those self-satisfied ********* said, just a min give me the details and I will try to sort it out for you.  Shame on the lot of them.

Aaronovitch was brought in by ‘Dimbers’ to shout this man down as well – and he is called an ‘idiot’ into the bargain.  He’s indigenous UK ffs.  He’s just saying what it is like for him in ‘Austerity Britain’!  Shame on them all.

I’ve got it.  I’ve got it.  You again!  Give me that croissant back.  That’s MINE I tell you.  I see your readers agree with the sentiments expressed though.  Gatekeepers really worried about any dissent on BBC Flagship.  They got rid of Bill Maloney as well when he started telling some ptb home truths recently.

Question Time, BBC1&HD&R5L 10.35pm, Thu 6 Mar
Dimbers is Barking, with

David Aaronovitch – associate editor of The Times or (Gatekeeper for tptb)
Michael Heseltine – Con, former Deputy Prime Minister or (ageing Tory peer – some people probably think he died years ago)
Simon Hughes – LD, Justice Minister or (Lib Dem something or other…President?)
Rachel Reeves – Lab, Shadow Work & Pensions Secretary or (Labour spokeswoman for looking reasonable on telly with an accent that sounds like she’s just done a shift at the Queen Vic)
Aleksander Nekrassov (a former Kremlin adviser, so be careful what you say!)
Amanda Platell – Daily Mail columnist or (Tory hack who’s an Aussie Sheila with a face that’s botoxed to bits)

David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch –  Speaks about drugs like Morphine causing patient fear.  Well that’s true at least.

Furthermore, David Aaronvitch that well-known MSM Gatekeeper shouted at Aleksander Nekrassov trying to shut down what he was saying – that the same Sniper Fire in Ukraine killed people on both sides of the conflict recently.  So David please shutup as we all know the truth thanks to some well-intentioned hacking of a phone call to Catherine Ashton recently and thanks to Mike Robinson at UK Column who informed us first.

Previous Report on Aaronovitch  Overfed and underworked wonk.  How many chins is that David?  Get an allotment and do some manual labour to get that weight off.

Breaking: Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton discuss Ukraine over the phone

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