‘Stop The War Coalition’ Is Still Gunning For Blair After All These Years

More column inches about Blair again and picked up by Stop the War Coalition.  People still take time out to vent their feelings about his betrayal of their vote and his spectacular chutzpah since leaving office.  The article starts by quoting from his book ‘A Journey’.  GovWatch remembers Blair trying to hold ‘signings’ in 2010 and being rightfully chased from such events by activists.  Roll forward and most events he turns up to now require the obligatory group of activists outside to remind him of that Iraq debacle and those WMD lies.  What is less well-known is his hand in initializing the unravelling of the NHS.

Tony Blair, 2013

Tony Bliar 2013

‘In Tony Blair‘s uneven but occasionally startling autobiography, A Journey, published in 2010, there is a chapter that makes particularly interesting reading now. It covers his final, slightly besieged years as prime minister, from mid-2005 to mid-2007′

In fact, the following comment zeros in on the true character of T Blair Esq exactly.

GR Comment:  ‘Blair is no way ‘haunted’ and never will be. He is a near-psychopath. I think the quote used from ‘A Journey’ in Andy Becket’s article suggests this quite clearly:

“I was trying to wear … a kind of psychological armour which the arrows simply bounced off, and to achieve a kind of weightlessness that allowed me, somehow, to float above the ‘demonic rabble’ tearing at my limbs. There was courage in [this behaviour] and I look back at it now with pride,…I was … not unafraid exactly, but near to being reckless about my own political safety.”


Aenaes and the Sybil in Hades.  Jan Brueghel il Vecchio

If those aren’t the words of a near-psychopath then I don’t know what are!’  http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/feb/26/tony-blair-new-labour-hero-political-embarrassment-murdoch?commentpage=2

GovWatch:  The ‘demonic rabble’ eh.  A stroll in the park mate.  Wait till you get to Hades.

Stop the War Comment:  ‘Tony Blair may now be an embarassment to the party he once led, but one million Iraqis killed in his illegal war are no longer around to witness his fall from Labour Party grace.’

John Pilger:  There’s a reckoning coming’  http://www.stopwar.org.uk/news/john-pilger-the-truth-about-the-iraq-bloodbath-can-t-be-covered-up-by-the-media-indefinitely#.Uw9sNYWO1x0. 


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