WATCOR Has Reported That The Tories Are Rebranding Their Party For 2015

On 25 February 2012

The Workers’ party? That’s us, say Tories in bid to rebrand

The Workers Party? That’s us say Tories in bid to rebrandWell piece of cake for someone like Shapps who has at least 3 identities.  Probably Shapps’ idea.

“The Tories are claiming to be the Workers’ Party. Yes, really.  http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/feb/25/conservatives-workers-party-rebrand

‘Speaking at the new Conservative campaign headquarters, the Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps will say: “The Conservatives are the Workers’ party and we are on your side.”‘

What a rebrand!

  • That’s the same Party who have made it easier to sack workers.
  • The Party who have made working people who have been unfairly sacked stump up £1200 to get justice at a tribunal.
  • The Party who allowed employers to bribe workers to give up their rights at work.
  • The Party who took the EU to court to stop a tough cap on bankers’ bonuses.
  • The Party who have presided over a 2.2% pay cut for workers in every year since 2010.

The list goes on….

We can’t let them get away with this pretence. They’re wrong.”

There’s a link to a petition but maybe an email to your MP might work as well.  Better still, tell all your friends.  http://www.unionstogether.org.uk/page/s/tory-rebrand

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