Harrow LEAF Donated £500 To Save Farm Terrace Allotments Fighting Fund On 20 February 2014

Harrow LEAF 20 Feb 2014

Harrow LEAF at Farm Terrace 20 February 2014

Great news!  Although Farm Terrace already has a wide circle of supporters including Folk in the Media, Celebrity Chefs, Gardening Writers, WWOGAS, Ordinary Watfordians, and so on, they are continuing to attract support.  It now seems that the folks at Harrow LEAF  have also rallied to the cause even making a special visit to Farm Terrace in Watford on Thursday to deliver a big fat cheque for Farm Terrace’s Fighting Fund.  This was filmed by the BBC.

This fight is important as it is now a matter of principle.  Especially as we now see the consequences of over-development and of building on the flood plains of rivers.



A Big Thank You to all those who are chipping in to save these allotments for the future Allotmenteers of West Watford.

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