TheTrial Of Tim Rustige A Blogger From Witney Starts On 24 February 2014 In Aberdeen

Elish Angiolini

Elish Angiolini has kept her mouth firmly shut over Lockerbie.

There is a SHOUT OUT for those folk who can attend this trial in Aberdeen to support Mr Rustige.  He was extradited by Grampian Police from his home in Witney and imprisoned in Aberdeen on a spurious charge involving Elish Angiolini who was once Lord Advocate in Scotland but transferred to St Hughs’ College Oxford in 2012


Savile Mask – This fellow probably was involved somehow.  BBC and Elish very friendly.


‘Rusty’ from Witney. Why is Rusty in jail in Scotland?

Rusty’s Blog –

24 February 2014

Aberdeen Sheriff Court

32 Timothy JOHN RUSTIGE SCS/2013-033794 AB12003563 Court 3

The Scotsman reports that the Police are dragging their heels over Lockerbie Criminality –

Comment:  ‘This was a retaliation to the US Navy shooting down an Iranian airliner.’

Comment:  ‘THE BOMB WAS PUT ON PAN-AM 103 AT HEATHROW TO CREATE A PRETEXT TO ATTACK LIBYA LIKE THE LUSITANIA -PEARL HARBOR AND 9-11 “LOCKERBIE: THE LOST EVIDENCE” exposes the withholding of this critical and damning evidence of Ray Manley, the Heathrow guard, from the trial of the two Libyans being tried for the Lockerbie bombing. Manley was the security guard at Heathrow who reported a break-in at the PAN-AM baggage compound at 12.30 am many hours before the departure of the ill-fated flight of PAN-AM 103, which blew up over Lockerbie, at 7.03 pm that evening; vital evidence which clearly shows them to be innocent on all counts, because the bomb was undoubtedly put on the plane in London at Heathrow. Much the same as the evidence which is still being planted or covered up about 9-11″.
Obviously someone thought that September 11th 2001 was a good day for getting out bad news.

This was the front page of the Daily Mirror at 5.30 am GMT. Tuesday 9/11/2001

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