Chris Grayling Accused Of ‘Manipulation’ Of PMQs

Chris Grayling shattered window.  Drat Missed.

Chris Grayling shattered window. Drat Missed.

Well UK Column had a shot at Grayling yesterday when they reported that he is not qualified to hold the role of Lord Chief Justice having spent his time at BBC, CH4 and various ‘Media’ Outfits.

Now a whistleblower from his department, Lord be praised for those pesky whistleblowers, has let it be known that Grayling has a ‘poor grip’ on his department and that he is ‘manipulating PMQs to skew information towards ‘feckless inmates’ in prison rather than the ConDem Cabal’s failure to administer justice properly in UK.

Previous Grayling Censorship Issues

GR Comment:  ‘Max Headroom hasn’t aged well, has he?’  GovWatch – you will have to consult Guardian photo to appreciate this one.

GR Comment:  ‘I had the misfortune to work in the same company as Grayling some years before he became an MP. He was a deeply unpopular individual, even with the other Tories who worked there. He had a habit of standing too close to you when he addressed you and seemed to be deeply impressed with his own abilities (but no-one else seemed to share his opinion). It’s only a personal opinion but for me he was the singularly most unpleasant individual I have ever had to work with.’

GR Comment:  ‘This is the man who ignored the expert advice of Harrington who said Work Capability Assessment wasn’t ready and rolled it out anyway.

The result has been an unparallelled catastrophe for sick and disabled people, resulting in poverty, destitution, worsening conditions, and even death.

In nay decent society this man would be on jail himself, not spinning lies and distortion.’

GR Comment:  ‘Grayling, Cameron, IDS, Gove, May, you name the Minister, they’ve lied, they’ve been corrected, and on more than one occasion publicly by the Government’s own ONS which can surely be unparalleled in the developed world.’

GR Comment:  ‘Grayling is another spiteful right wingnut lightweight. He was promoted above his abilities by Cameron to placate his right wing backbenchers. He cannot now be sacked because Cameron is both terrified of those same backbenchers and petrified of creating a challenger.’  Last one – ‘The Frankenstein syndrome.’

Thanks to NLAT for the link.

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