Chief Whip Clarifies That Camoron ‘Money No Object’ Remark

Money no object clarification

Chief Whip clarification this morning to MPs.

GovWatch:  Great they don’t even have to think for themselves. Thanks to NLAT for the link. General Sheeplic are offering advice.  Comment:  ‘What a shame that the very expensive Public School education Cameron had was not enough to enable him to verbalize the ********* in his head! Take note Mr Gove, more money must be pumped into public schooling in order to raise standards!’

‘There are growing fears that the government’s specially developed insurance scheme for flood-hit areas – Flood Re – will exclude as many as 5m residential properties as well as small businesses.

The scheme, due to come into force next year, was negotiated with the insurance industry by the minister for policy, Oliver Letwin, and is designed to subsidise the cost of premiums in high-flood-risk areas.’

David Cameron using flood crisis to ‘drown embarrassing news’

Thursday 13 February 2014

david cameron

David Cameron’s government is accused of using the floods to “sneak” out bad news. Photograph: Pool/Reuters

‘David Cameron was accused of using the floods to “drown embarrassing news” after the government announced it is publishing a raft of reports on Britain’s relationship with the EU, one of which concludes that the single market is vital to the UK economy.

In one of the most eye-catching findings of the eight volumes, easyJet says it would not exist were it not for the EU’s single market.’

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