Cameron Flooded With Questions At ‘Press Conference’

Sky News 12 Feb 2014 Floods

Sky News 12 February 2014 – Flood Defence Strategies.


Howz things?  Interesting ‘Press Conference’ yesterday.  BBC said it was a whopping 238 days since CamoFlage’s last press conference.  Has it been THAT long?  Guess his performance is so underwhelming people haven’t noticed but it IS quite a while isn’t it?

‘An ITV News Index poll carried out by ComRes shows 50% think the problems with Britain’s flood defences are probably a result of the government’s programme of spending cuts.‘

GR Comment: ‘Don’t mock, he’ll be chairing another meeting of COBBLAS before you know it.’

GR Comment:  ‘He’d have the whole cabinet attend flood prevention meetings, but as they are so wet already….’

GR Comment:  ‘This could be Cameron’s Watergate.’

GR Comment:  ‘Yes – if Moses could do it so can Dave. Except Moses parted the waters with his staff, whereas Cameron’s staff probably wont do the trick!’  OOER cruel

What’s that you say?  Exam questions coming our way?  Well?

‘David Cameron: “We are a wealthy country and we have taken good care of our public finances.”


OOOER tricky.  I’ll leave that one till last.  However The ‘General Sheeplic’ have piled in with a record number of retorts and snorts. eg
GS Comment: ‘The rest of the statement read, “And we can prove it, as it’s all sitting nicely in our mates’ offshore and Swiss bank accounts”.’

GS Comment:  ‘Quote: I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people. Sir Isaac Newton.’

GS Comment:  ‘Wouldn’t this statement be more accurate, if it read. – ‘we are wealthy and we have taken, our country’s public finances..’

GS Comment: The Tories cut £100 million from the flood defence budget.  Yesterday Cameron pledged £130m for flood defence repairs, but long-term spending plans are unchanged. What does this show?

1) Tories can always find money to help themselves
2) Tory cuts cost more in the long run
3) Tories only care about votes not people’

GS Comment:  ‘You have to have a brilliant memory to be a constant liar, he obviously forgot about the austerity lie in all his rushing around for flood photo opportunities!!’

Flood Cartoon Telegraph

NLAT found this in The Telegraph.

New Statesman on ‘Money’s no object’ Cameron.  Well there goes that ‘Austerity B*******’ then.

‘Having once declared that there is “no magic money tree”, the PM now gives entirely the reverse impression.’??????

And NLAT we see you’ve been busy rummaging in the art department again haven’t you.  Don’t tell me.  I know.  Your Mum wouldn’t let you go to Art College.

SKY News

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