The Queen Versus Eric Pickles and Watford Borough Council

Queen v Pickles and WBC

Queen v Pickles and WBC

Farm Terrace Information Website

Local Watford News just in is that the Barrister in charge of the challenge from Farm Terrace Action Group is of the opinion that the FTAG case is very sound.  He said they are more likely than not to succeed in their challenge. 

Farm Terrace Allotments have existed here in Watford since 1896 but under the proposals from Watford Borough Council, the top terrace will be tarmaced over and become a Car Park.

Watford allotmenteers have banded together to save Farm Terrace as a Community Asset and have run a protracted defence campaign for over 12 months even winning the first round.  Ironically Eric Pickles’ new legislation was designed to help protect just such places but in this case he has decided to go against all the tenets of his own legislation to enable WBC to snatch the allotments from FTAG in order to create a car park and 66 executive homes – although the  number of homes escalates daily as an insatiable greed runs rampant through the FibDem Council here.

Dorothy Thornhill the FibDem Mayor of Watford has taken every opportunity to mask the Housing Project as a ‘Health Campus’ thus reinforcing the notion that one can’t trust Liberal Democrats to honestly represent the electorate.

Farm Terrace Fighting Fund

Forum Members at Watford Observer rally behind FTAG

January 2-14 – Health_part_of_health campus_remains_curiously_elusive/

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