By Putting Forward A Former Tory Whip And Cameron Crony David MaClean For A Post At The Food Standards Agency Jeremy Hunt Tried To Circumvent The Normal Shortlisting Procedure

David MaClean MP Keith Simpson Simon Burns

Timothey Kirkhope with David MaClean, Keith Simpson and Simon Burns – David gave them three of his best.

‘The health secretary then tried to break the standoff by suggesting another candidate with personal links to David Cameron for the role – putting forward a name that had not been on the earlier shortlist.’

Well it’s still ‘Jobs For the Boys’ at Cameron Central then. 

Interview Procedure:

Mr MaClean are you qualified for the post?  Erm no.  Any background in Bio Science?  Erm No.  Any experience in a laboratory testing food?  Erm no.  Do you know Jeremy Hunt?  Yes.  Ah the job’s yours Mr MaClean.  With a name like yours,  food cleanliness and hygiene will be no sweat will it.  DMac: I didn’t think cleanliness had anything to do with it.  Jeremy said it would just be a case of thrashing through that Monsanto Licence.

Thanks to NLAT for the link.

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