Bliar Holds Secret Talks With Gove – ‘Keep Shredding Education Mike’ Said Mr Blair Recently

‘While Mr Gove has previously confessed to being a Blairite, it will prove highly controversial for Mr Milliband that his predecessor is offering advice to the Tories.’ 

Tristram Hunt Getty Image.

Tristram Hunt Shadow Education Secretary – better looking and sounder policy.

Labour’s education spokesman Tristram Hunt:
‘The first plank in Labour’s schools policy is to focus on standards and not structures. We think that the most important relationship is between a teacher and a pupil, and we would therefore ensure that all teachers in state-funded schools were qualified or working towards qualified teacher status.‘ 

January 2014 

‘Bunkum’ says Bliar.  There’s loyalty to the party that gave Bliar his opportunity to become grossly rich then innit.  With friends like that Mr Milliband doesn’t need enemies.

And THEN Gove sacks that Blair ally anyway. –   The enemy of my enemy is my new best friend or something like that.  Politics is a weird world indeed.

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