Who Is Michael Sani Then? Oh A Sometime Actor And Teacher You Say

UKC Windmill Gen Monitor

UKC Windmill Gen Monitor.  Only 4GW today.  Shame.

UK Column Live

Young People are being targeted to accept the EU and to have their minds ‘reframed appropriately’ in accordance with that Cleggosvitch Agenda.  Who is Michael Sani? Ooh I could just go a Sarni right now actually.

http://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/voices/how-make-voting-meaningful-british-youth Hmmm.


GovWatch has found Michael’s Sarni – watch those E numbers folks.

Mr Sani – A 27 year old teacher who has never voted.  Ah just like that Russel Brand fellow.  Now suddenly he thinks it would be a good idea to get all young folk voting.  What changed his mind so quickly then?  A big fat bung of UK Gov Tax Money winging his way perhaps?  http://metro.co.uk/2014/01/21/time-to-bite-the-ballot-young-people-wanted-for-national-voter-registration-day-4267238/

Bite the Ballot Sani

EU Bite the Ballot – Sani.

Deliberate flooding of parts of UK – A report by Mr Richard North at EU Referendum Com.

http://eureferendum.com/   Better catch this broadcast folks.

Michael Sani Biog:  ‘Born in Beckenham, greater London, Michael Sani is son of a chef and silver service waitress. Michael left school at 17 before graduating from Southampton Institute with a BA Honours in Business Management and Finance. Michael had a series of working class jobs before travelling the world aged 23. On that trip Michael had the time to allow his passion to flourish and upon returning to England in February 2007, Michael gravitated toward the film industry and started with the lead (?) in award winning short film ‘8ight Limbs'(2008). ‘ http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3095366/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm

Erm just when did Mr Sani do his teaching quals then?  That’s a 3/4 year process in my books.  In Gove’s Brave New World anyone capable of breathing can say they are a teacher!

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