The Ongoing Floods In Bridgewater Owen Paterson Is Trying To Ignore


Super rich and so why does he need a mortgage again? Oh yes so he can claim on expenses – silly me.  Picture brilliantly snapped by a photo journo at The Mirror.
One top ­economist said last night: “He’s clinched himself a much cheaper deal than Joe Public could get.”

While Cameron lives it up large at Davos, and Osborne rearranges his mortgage with a private bank in Canada catering for the super rich and ahead of expected interest rate rises, and the UK looks at how many Billions it will give away in ‘overseas aid’, has anyone spared a thought for the weary weeks of suffering experienced by flood bound Britons in the South West?  Well Owen Paterson  was at last forced to visit flood bound Bridgewater last night for a briefing but failed to speak with any of those affected.  Could it be that all the cost cutting at flood defence has contributed to the woes?  Could it be that Paterson doesn’t want to meet locals because he doesn’t intend to do anything?

Comment: ‘Being from the west of the county I’m not overly familiar with all parts of The Levels but having walked up to Glastonbury Tor yesterday I have some idea of the sheer area the water covers. I can only echo other’s thoughts that surely maintenance of rivers, ditches, drains has been neglected thanks to cost cutting – ultimately this cost cutting ends up costing more as prevention is cheaper cure. How can this country send endless millions in aid to countries with their own space program when they turn a blind eye to their own? Charity surely starts at home? I send my best wishes to all affected by the floods and hope that you all give the Environment Secretary a ‘warm’ welcome when he finally arrives.’ warning_issued/?ref=var_0

Fire Service is doing a gallant job.

Somerset Rivers



Erm Hello NLAT.  What was that?  Paterson faces criticism, now there’s a surprise.

Paterson said this Government had spent more on flood defence than previous administrations – this was later proved to be another ConDem lie but Paterson has yet to admit he lied ‘in the house’.

Osborne’s recovery is built on sand you say? Hold on there’s a tune and a song … Erm …. ‘Build on the rocks and not upon the sand’  wasn’t it?  Dumb de Dumb de Dumb….

Erm NLAT allow me to introduce you to Mr Monbiot.  NLAT this is George.  George NLAT.  ‘Under the worst environment secretary this country has ever suffered, there seems little chance that much of this will change.’  Oh really Mr Monbiot, do go on ……

Steve Bell Bridgewater

I see NLAT has found an appropriate Steve Bell cartoon.

‘Patsy’ Facebook

‘Patsy’ on ITV News  Trotted out that old ConDem lie ‘We are spending more on flood defence’ Blah Blah Blah

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