Stewart Swerdlow Decodes The Teletubby Message

Swerdlow Teletubbies

Swerdlow – Teletubby DNA Message.

A DNA Sentence has been constructed by the use of archetypes which appear on the heads of the Teletubbies.

TRANS – ‘We are going to mess with your child’s intellectual development and we are telling you this symbolically.  We will use cute images and we will also colour code it.’  No wonder Madonna’s children don’t watch television.

  • Lightening Bolt = Activation
  • Circle = Space/Environment
  • Upside-down Triangle = Creation on Earth (because it’s upside down)
  • letter i without the ‘head’ = non-intelligent as the dot represents the mind

See The Literary Apprentice for more work on Symbols, Allegory and Archetypes.

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