World Economic Forum Davos 2014 Kicks Off

Davos 2014 – Reshaping of the WorldFabian Ideology.

But Felix Salmon of Reuters is not impressed.  He quotes Andrew Sorkin who says ‘It’s difficult to make progress when so many key people are not in the room.’

Davos 2014

Davos 2014 and Banksters say they’ve changed. Market Watch doesn’t think so.

It kicked off on 22 January 2014 and it is Chatham House Rules for certain meetings.  Those in these meeings are then able to use the information themselves but not divulge anything said or who said it to the plebs.  According to official reports, there was some nervousness as the pope, who had been invited, did not attend but sent a message instead which was duly delivered to the assembled congregation which included Goldie Hawn of all people – according to the UK Column.  The Daily Beast said there was nervousness because ‘they’ know that ‘they’ are the problem really not the solution.

UK Column reports that tptb are building a new totalitarian state and they want the children and the teens involved.  Hitler Youth anyone?

UKC 22 Jan Wayne Madsen

Ukraine situation is being manipulated by tptb.

Ukraine is very much in the news.  Russia gets worried about as Soros Think Tanks get involved.  Soros and EU don’t want Ukraine looking East at all.  Wayne Madsen has written a good article on it.

UKC 22 Jan Syria

Syria – what’s really going on?

Syria is now being focussed on by the MSM again.  They are at last acknowledging the huge scale of death.  But we are seeing a mirror of what happened in Iraq.  The ptb are still manoeuvering to try to ‘get their hands on’ Syria.

UKC 22 Jan Carter Ruck

Who the **** asked Carter Ruck?

UK Column established some ‘interesting connections’ behind this sudden Carter Ruck involvement.  Basically, they have been brought in to add credence to tptb case for removing Assad – which has been their game plan all along.  However, the poor Syrian citizens are having their lives turned upside down by the machinations of this deadly game of power politics.  There is apparently some highly esoteric reason why tptb want Syria.  GovWatch believes the Kaabah Key is a factor.

What’s Unilever up to in Syria?

Finally, the role of Epilem in the case of Helenor Bye

Mr Syms Poole MP spoke in House of Commons about the case of Helenor but nothing got done.  Possible sweeping under carpet operation?

  • ‘I pay tribute to my constituents, Derek and Joan Bye. As MPs, we deal with many constituents, but Mr and Mrs Bye have had to put up with a horror story following the death of their daughter, Helenor Bye, who died on 27 April 1978 in south Wales. There was a catalogue of medical errors. The parents were lied to, records were altered and their MP, John Morris, then the right hon. Member for Aberavon, held a debate in the House of Commons on 27 November 1979, volume 974, columns 1253-64. He called for a public inquiry, although that was turned down.’

UK Column 23 January 2013 reported that Mr Syms and another Conservative MP have recently called the police over thoughts that constituents might be trying to ‘get them’.

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