What’s Happening In Watford In 2014 WATCOR?

Junction Cassiobury and Woodland

Junction of Cassiobury Dv and Woodland Dv is the proposed ‘drop-off’ point???

That dartboard at The Greenhouse gets plenty of use these days.  Ah those three triple 20’s from the och.  Then throw up some targets.  Max out that adrenalin.  Also keeping an EYE on the WO of course.

Watford Observer reported that there’s ‘Anger at ‘absurd’ drop-off plan‘ by the proposed ‘Watford Town Community Free School’ on Cassiobury Estate.  OOher I bet there is.  This area is already over-parked by commuters much to the annoyance of the locals.  Andrew Shewan a software engineer, who lives near the drop-off point said “You have to think of the safety of the kids and do what is right.” http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/news/10927036._You_have_to_think_of_the_safety_of_the_kids_and_do_what_is_right_/?ref=var_0

Local MP Richard Harrington said that the shortage of school places in Watford  has been a concern for parents in his constituency for years.  Yea right, and Harrington a) lives in St John’s Wood, b) is heavily involved with a Private School there and c) has only been MP since 2010.  ‘Trumpet Trumpet Trumpet ……’  Oh you know Rich jumps on any bandwagon going really.

WTCFS – what a mouthful! 

“What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

When the current name is read, it sounds like a football team and ‘Watford Town’ already play down at Vicarage Road.

Always nice to try to ‘squeeze in’ that word ‘Community’ though.  All cuddly innit.  Who are they then?  http://www.westhertscommunityfreeschools.org.uk/who_we_are.html

They propose to use the Landchester Site probably owned by West Herts College/Uni Hertfordshire.  http://www.westhertscommunityfreeschools.org.uk/documents/WT%20Parking%20FAQ%27s.pdf  Why not call it Landchester then?


The name sucks as does their plan to shove 5 year olds out of a moving vehicle on Woodland Drive and let them find their own way to the school premises.  

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