Watford ‘Housing Campus’ Omits Hospital Details

Health Campus plan

Campus Plan Omits Hospital Detail.

WATCOR are you really surprised?  This has been said in many a FTAG Meeting already.  However, not to worry, that High Court challenge is taking shape. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/gardeners-dig-in-for-long-legal-battle-to-defend-allotments-9028632.html

There is a meeting of the Save Farm Terrace Group planned for 27 January 2014 where the upcoming legal case will be outlined.

Farm Terrace Allotment Fighting Fundhttp://www.gofundme.com/3ig1fo


‘Following a climb-down last August after allotment members applied for a judicial review, Mr Pickles reapproved plans for the proposed Watford Housing Campus shortly before Christmas. According to the Government, the project will provide 700 new homes, hospital facilities and green spaces, and create 1,600 jobs. However, campaigners plan to challenge the decision, claiming that the Government’s alternative plots do not meet legal requirements because they are not a “like-for-like” replacement.  Approval for the Farm Terrace construction followed The Independent on Sunday’s ‘Dig for Victory campaign’ that led to Prime Minister David Cameron and Mr Pickles renewing their pledge to protect allotments in 2011, after the 1908 Smallholdings and Allotments Act was put under review.’

When asked about the vagarities of the plans, Ms Thornhill the Watford Mayor said ‘It’s an indicative outline plan – like a Chess Board.‘  Quoi Dorothy?  Still moving your pawns about?  How long have the plans been ‘on the table’ now?  Thornhill added ‘Many people have asked me what they can expect from the Campus and we now have something they can look at.’  But Dorothy it keeps morphing.

Vagarities so far – 600 housing units have gone to 700; a car park for Watford Football Club has appeared on Farm Terrace Allotments; a new access road and bridge are now visible; and LOTS of concrete so that we can fill up the Colne River with flood water.  Great!

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