Cam’sHair Is Bigger News Than The Man Himself


CamHair Catalogue.

What a lot of wags there are inhabiting the InternetWork.  Photoshoppers and Wordsmiths have had a field day.

‘David Cameron’s desperate spin doctors have hatched a secret plan to win tonight’s key TV debate – a new hairdo.’

“The bald truth is this – it must be a cover up. It may not be hair-raising but it certainly raises questions about cronyism,” Labour MP Steve Pound tells the Daily Mirror. “It’s a tight little circle gathering round the barber’s chair. We should make sure there’s no cover up let alone a comb-over.”  The cut was ‘a snip’ at £90.

What the Sheeplic are saying at ‘The Fringe’:

Telegraph takes a look.  TR 1:  ‘An MBE for services to combovers lol! Cameron is so vain he’ll probably end up with a ridiculous sweeping combover like Donald Trump.’

TR 2:  ‘Poor Dave… Nowt looks worse than a ‘chimp’s ar$e’ on the back of your swede.’

TR 3:  ‘The emperor has no clothes.

Neither does his head.

Bald or not, he’s a fraudster.’

Blimey.  Even The Australian has waded in on ‘the great tonsorial debate.’

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