Patricia Greenwood Survived The Liverpool Care Pathway

Victoriaospital Blackpool

Victoria Hospital Blackpool. Pic DM.

As X Bankster Jim O’Neill told Richard Bacon recently, ‘What you want is a young labour force without the burden of a large pensioner group.’ Oh hey what happened to that ‘We’re all in this together Jim?  Didn’t those folk contribute 40 years’ worth of National Insurance to ‘the system’ Jim?  But then the current code of ethics is always ‘what you can get away with’ isn’t it Jim.  So banksters were able to gamble it all away without any regulatory questions being asked weren’t they Jim??

Patricia Greenwood

Patricia Greenwood who entertained troops during the war as a singer.

How do we adjust for the fact that we lost all the money saved by the plebs for their old age then Jim? Oh maybe we better roll out a ptb thing called a ‘Care Pathway’ and then pay a hospital trust to hit targets for the number of ‘pleb patients’ who die on the said ‘Pathway,‘ and Bob’s your uncle.–shes-planning-world-cruise.html Fortunately for Mrs Greenwood, her relatives kept up the fluids she had been denied on ‘the pathway’ and she recovered.  Well how about that then.

Guy de Rothschild

Guy de Rothschild – good looker in latter years must say – was a major handler/programmer of MK victims.  Nice one!

This procedure doesn’t apply to the likes of tptb however eg Zbigniew Brzezinski 85,
Henry Alfred Kissinger 90, Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild 78,
Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh 93, Guy de Rothschild lived to 98. Diana Keppel, Countess of Albemarle 103, Geoffrey Alexander Rowley-Conwy, 9th Baron Langford 101,  etc

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