Labour’s ‘Good Society’ Same As ConDem’s ‘Big Society’

10 January 2014 –


Common Purpose in Downing Street

Common Purpose operating in Downing Street.

GovWatch surmises that Compass is a Labour Tool (erm Think Tank) to be used to engage the electorate with ‘important ideas ‘  but it seems to have been a troubled vehicle.  Labour List reported in March 11 2011 nine prominent members of Compass Youth committee (including the chair, and a member of the national management committee) have resigned from the organisation.’  UK Column now reports that it is being ‘relaunched’???  If it didn’t work then, what makes them think it will work now?  Oh, hold on, there’s an election looming in 2015 and we have to get all Labourites singing their Compass Hymns about ‘Good Society’.  How is that different from ‘Big Society then?  Oh I see.  We’ve employed Richard Harrington’s device.  It’s just semantics innit.  Letz keep it simple.  Letz not bombardier the Sheeplic with technical jargon.  Erm I know….

Mandelson Lottery remark

Plot to de-rail that proposed EU Referendum?

Big – nicen easy. of considerable size or extent.‘  They didn’t fall for it folks.  Right, let’s try

Good – OOoh yeah.  ‘to be desired or approved of’  as in
“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party” used as a typing drill.

Can’t seem to lose that common word ‘Society’ though.  Do you think they’ll notice?

Didn’t ‘Thatch’ say that there’s not such thing as ‘Society’.  Yet Camerclot keeps thatching away with his BS – erm time to Stoppit GovWatch.  Language please!

Oh and what about that Balls Clegg ‘love-in’?  How’s that getting on?  Cleggosvitch skating in on Labour coat tails in 2015 to ‘finish the job’?  Talk about rigging an election folks!

Mr Ellis wrote Smash Multi-Cultural Marxism

Do we need water cannon on UK streets?  No they are too dangerous.

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