Luke McKee Australian Refugee and Government-Labelled ‘Terrorist’

Luke McKee

Luke McKee – Australian ‘Asylum Seeker’

Fighting Against Anti Biker Legislation

This bloke took exception to being ‘policed’ by those he saw as ‘biased’ against him and mounted a protest.  He received an email while working in China to say his objections were over-ruled and this riled him enough to publicly burn his passport.  Subsequently he was hounded in China by the Australian Government who leaned on Chinese authorities to deport him back to Australia where he believed his life was now in danger.  His escape via Hong Kong is the basis for a James Bond type movie adventure.  Take on the system and experience the ‘ride of your life’ it seems.   Crime:  ‘Listening to information about the private lives of members of NSW police force.’  He loves his country but hates his government.  What’s more Mr McKee is a product of an elite Sydney Grammar School.  One clever redneck indeed!  Mr McKee envisages a Web of Trust based on OpenSoftware around the Globe and guess what he’s another IT geek.  IT geeks taking on the ptb.  Way to go!

How strange?  It all seems to revolve around the Australian Government’s introduction of draconian laws to regulate ‘Bikies’ out of existence.  In GovWatch’s view, having personally known members of a gang in Melbourne, this is outrageous.  Hmm just like in US they fret about those pesky patriots.

One can only assume that the ‘pansies’ in charge are hellishly frightened of organized testosterone.  Nothing wrong with good old-fashioned male pride folks. Oh hold on Mr Bleijie was bullied at school apparently and so he thought he’d get his own back by becoming Attorney General and then tell those ******** where to get off.  Only in a meritocracy like Australia is that possible Pieter and maybe you should do more to preserve what has obviously been so good for you and yours.  Aussies built the country.  You just moved there when all the facilities were in place for ya.

Jobs Ban On Bikers – you’ve seen it in Australia first mate – the idiots have taken over the asylum.

Oh Oh going deeper down the rabbit hole.  Paedophilia at the bottom of all this again!  Mr McKee stumbled into a paedo ring in Bakersfield CA via marriage to a US female.  His first born is probably lost to this ring as he had to flee the country and have the marriage annulled rather than ‘take on’ the ring.

NZ truther Vincent Eastwood takes a look

Mr McKee Snr sticks his oar in

‘These Thought Crime Laws Must Go.’  Says Mr McKee.

Who read Orwell’s 1984?  Who thought it would really happen?

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5 Responses to Luke McKee Australian Refugee and Government-Labelled ‘Terrorist’

  1. hojuruku says:

    Wow I’m in awe. Who did this story on me? good work. New developments being posted here! in the coming days!

  2. JEJ says:

    Luke, this is Jason. Stop defending these bikie tryhards. If you ever came back to Australia, it would probably be them that did your enemies dirty work. They are the unofficial would-be enforcers of freemasonry and they are very chummy with some people that you are not fond of.
    So that you know it is me. “Trying to get laid by telling girls you play guitar is gay”

    • Luke McKee says:

      JEJ – it’s funny that the bikies don’t give me any support that I’m accused of the first OLMG law ever made according to hansard – nsw parliment home page – bills – all bills after 97, C, (Crimes Amendment) Police and other law enforcement officers bill 2002. Only bill to have hansard redacted from it’s home page… even in the non-redacted hansard it says OLMG this OLMG that on introduction.

      The contradiction in terms, is that bikies do allegedly hate pedophiles and it’s no secrecy freemasonary / OTO etc linked to pedophile rings. I thought it was a duty of a bikie to kill the protected species of child raping gay pedos?

      • fanofootball says:

        The Bikies I knew in Melbourne were a great bunch. The MSCAV. They were friends with The God Squad but that’s a long time ago. Things may have moved on in the Biker World since then.

  3. hojuruku says:

    Reblogged this on Victims of Gay Bullying and commented:
    60C NSW Crimes Act is the First Outlaw Motorcycle Gang law, that the Gay Rights Spokesperson for the Greens / Communist Party of Australia said only corrupt police would use the law…. Only NSW GLLO GAY NAZI Homosexual cops rose to her expecations. Out goes the human rights agenda in favor of militant gays with guns all for her pink vote.

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