‘Where Is Kenneth Hoffman?’ Asks UK Column

Hoffman There is no gold

Hoffman said ‘There is no gold in UK vaults.’

Hoffman recently wrote in Mining Journal on the Death of a Supercycle ‘As the broad commodities boom comes to an end, miners and investors must return to valuing commodities based on individual supply and demand.’  In other words the fiat system as a means of exchange is wrecked and the stuff that should be backing it is gone.  We need a means of exchange but we have shysters running it.

Brown wears purple

Brown wears purple to pronounce on need for Global Banking Regs.

Gordon Brown recently said

‘The global economy is being pushed “inexorably toward the next crash” due to the weakness of international banking rules, a former British prime minister wrote in the New York Times on Thursday.

World leaders have been in “retreat” since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008 and have “made a mockery of global coordination”, according to Gordon Brown, the U.K.’s prime minister between 2007 and 2010.’  http://www.cnbc.com/id/101285370


Cameron bleated (but ‘plagiarizing Ana Botin, chief executive of the Santander bank’ rather than finding something original from his own coke/alcohol fuelled brain)


Where is all the UK gold then?

‘Profit, wealth creation, tax cuts and enterprise are “not dirty words” and that business is not the problem which Britain faces, but the solution to its problems.’  http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/10/02/david-cameron-profits_n_4029325.html

No they aren’t but you and your profligate Bankster pals sure as hell have tarnished all that is good in the business world and have sullied the names of those good businessmen and women who still operate enterprises fairly and equitably.  What’s more you have driven off those of us who would wish to invest in fairness and equity as well.  Well done you and yours.  Your TYPE of profit sucks mate.

Mike Robinson at UKC, an ex hedge funder himself, is not buying any of it either especially the idea of a Global Banking System with wonderful ‘international rules’ to fix the problem.  Fox and hen-house mate.  Fox and hen-house.  This doesn’t suit the ‘man in the street’ with a family and a house and a life to support.  Some folk have bought gold and silver or other tangibles in anticipation of a crisis but we shouldn’t have to do such things and we should now take a good look at the folk who created this potential disaster.  Brown is looking increasingly ‘guilty as charged’ along with Blair, Clegg, Cameron and Gid and their Bankster puppet masters of course.

How did Libor fines end up laundered through Help for Heroes and why are the Banksters still allowed to practice?  Doctors in such a situation would have been struck off and teachers who fail are sacked.

UK Column 20 December 2013http://www.ukcolumn.org/live

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