Money Raised Via Libor Bankster Fines Made Its Way Into Help For Heroes Coffers

Help for Heroes and Libor

UK Column 16 Dec 2013.

Unfortunately, it seems that yet another charity has been ‘taken over’ and converted into a Chari-Business by tptb. Money which was raised from us the concerned members of the public to help those from the armed forces with rehabilitation has been ‘swiped’ and contaminated. It looks like those who have a greedy streak are moving into ‘Charity’ in a big way. Crisis at Christmas is another one which has been compromised apparently.

UK Column 16 Dec 2013

A British businessman who came up against corruption in Coventry was also featured telling his amazing story.  He contacted a US farmer called Carl Lentz who helped him get out of his predicament.  Mr Lentz mentioned the importance of the word shibboleth  Knowledge of this is very important with regard to dealing with officialdom.

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