Marriage Champion Sir Paul Coleridge Forced To Resign From Judicial Role

Sir Paul Coleridge Judge and Marriage Champ

Sir Paul Coleridge

Who said he should go?  Oh it was that erm Chris erm that Chris Grayling and erm a Lord Thomas?  Oh we see.  Can’t have judges believing in a Civil Society now can we Chris.  That would mean that our first responsibility would be to our family and to those it includes wouldn’t it Chris.  Heh that might be quite nice actually.  We, the people, you know Chris, those folks what pay your wages, mate, we say we like the cut of Sir Paul’s jib actually.  That boat Sir Paul has chartered well we’re inclined to set sail with him, Chris.  Who’re you going to sail with then Chris?   Our boat is starting to fill up Chris.  There’s not that much room left when you try to find cabin space at the moment.  In fact Chris, they’re taking on the supplies and it’s pretty much last call for ‘All aboard!’  We just might sail off with Sir Paul and Guy Taylor and leave you on that desert island stranded with the rest of your noncy mates Chris.  But heh Chris it might be fun for yer.

Guardian asks whether anyone will send Grayling some good news.

See UK Column for more details

Guy Taylor Businessman and Landowner explains further fraud against him.  Are the Courts and the CPS contriving with criminal individuals to try to take land and wealth from certain farmers and business owners?

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