ConDems Hide Their Own Risk Assessment Of The Help To Buy Scheme

PicklesCaves In

Eric Pickles at DCLG

‘In a Freedom of Information (FOI) response to the Shadow Local Government Secretary, Hilary Benn, officials have revealed that the Government does indeed hold details of a risk assessment into Help to Buy, but that publication has been blocked by ministerial veto. The risk assessment was carried out before the policy was announced in March, meaning that the Chancellor ignored any warnings in it.’

‘In the letter from (DCLG), where Eric Pickles is in charge of housing policy, the comments suggest the risk assessment contains information that would undermine confidence in the Help to Buy policy.’  Oh Dear not Pickles again ….

IndyComment:  ‘But is this not part and parcel of a regime that seems determined to repeat all the mistakes that led to the financial crash? And would such crass stupidity be tolerated if the media had not cooperated so enthusiastically in ramming home the message that our economic woes are all the fault of the poor rather than being down to a failed economic dogma and the fraudulent practices of the financial sector itself?’

IndyComment:  ‘Risk managers know all the secrets. I wonder what else Ministers have suppressed?   Lying scum.’

IndyComment:  ‘Housing for useless scroungers is already subsidised. Why not also help those who might become high-rate taxpayers?’  This brings a quick retort from the forum

‘You’re not on the Daily Mail, thought I’d make you aware.’

The mood is such that very few Tory Trolls venture forth now.  It’s like that old US image of ‘a rifle behine every blade of grass.’

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